Synapse Magazine

  I helped launch this longform iPad magazine at UNC. I was involved with the conception and branding, provided guidance on the look of it and the first issue, and when I returned to UNC in the Spring of 2014, served as the Director of Interactive Storytelling and designed several stories. I also helped write […]

A Classic Reborn: Rolls-Royce Phantom

Fall 2012 This page was the final project for JOMC 484: Infographics. The assignment was to create a infographic-driven magazine spread. I took on the challenge of illustrating the Rolls-Royce to enhance my proficiency and familiarity with Illustrator. I reported out all of the information on the graphic as well.

JOMC 483: Magazine Design

Spring 2012 As the iPad editor for JOMC 483: Magazine Design, I oversaw the transformation of two 84-page print magazines into iPad apps. I also contributed to the print editions of the magazines. In this role, I taught myself several aspects of iPad design in Adobe inDesign. I also presented tutorials to the class and […]