Presidential transition graphics

Following the election, Kevin Schaul and I quickly turned our sights on the presidential transition. Working with Partnership for Public Service, we tracked presidential appointments at the Cabinet and sub-Cabinet levels.   On the eve of Senate confirmation hearings, we worked to provide some context for our readers. We aimed to answer two questions: What […]

2015 papal visit to America

I co-led our graphics coverage of Pope Francis’s visit to the United States. I was involved in idea generation, decision making about which graphics to pursue, reporting and editing of graphics and social media strategy. The promotion of our content was particularly important with this project since the pope would be in the States for a short amount […]

Island-building in the South China Sea

        We created this page to show Chinese military activity in the South China Sea — a hotly contested region with immense political implications. The Post obtained satellite imagery from a watchdog group, the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative. The consistent point of view in the photos provided a unique opportunity to show the progression of China’s […]