2015 papal visit to America

I co-led our graphics coverage of Pope Francis’s visit to the United States. I was involved in idea generation, decision making about which graphics to pursue, reporting and editing of graphics and social media strategy.

The promotion of our content was particularly important with this project since the pope would be in the States for a short amount of time and interest would likely wane after he departed. The graphics our team created for this event are below, in order of my involvement.


Higher horsepower: An illustrated 215-year history of the popemobile

I spent about a month reporting out and writing a history of the popemobile. I worked with illustrator Richard Johnson and developer Denise Lu to produce this piece.

So you want to be declared a saint by Pope Francis? See your odds here.

I created several charts for this blog post using a data set compiled by economists at Harvard. In it, I tried to teach the reader about the process of becoming a saint and trends in Catholic saintmaking in an approachable way.

What Pope Francis will do during his trip to Washington, New York and Philadelphia

In addition to this page, which was shared with much of The Post’s papal visit coverage, we created cards with each day’s schedule to share on social media.

What Americans think about what Pope Francis just told Congress

Having obtained an early copy of the pope’s remarks, we were able to create some charts early and share them on Twitter as he was speaking. In them, and in the page that resulted, we used polling to show how Americans might feel about Pope Francis’s ideas.

When popes hit the road, here’s where they go

What to watch for at Pope Francis’s canonization Mass

Do you agree with Pope Francis?