2020 Dem. primary exit polls

I was tasked with editing our graphics for the New Hampshire primary soon after returning from the Iowa Caucuses. Our priority was to create a page to display speedy exit poll results on Election Night to complement our results pages. In coordination with the polling and engineering teams, Chris Alcantara built a page that gave readers an early look at which candidates were performing well and streamlined the functionality to point out which voter groups were swinging the result. The “head peeking over a fence” visuals introduced an element of delight that performed well on social media and also conveyed the imprecise nature of exit polling. The page also leveraged text analysis produced by the polling team to help readers interpret the visuals. We replicated this effort for all the early primaries and made a multi-state version for Super Tuesday.

Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 9.35.51 AM